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Proper disposal of PET bottles through recycling helps minimize
plastic waste in landfills and oceans.

What is
PET recycling

PET bottles are made of one of the few polymers that can be recycled into the same form – a new beverage bottle – again and again. This neatly closes the recycling loop and enables ‘cradle to cradle’ packaging solutions.

As with virgin PET, recycled PET (rPET) can be used to make many new products, including polyester staple fiber or filament used for apparel (clothing), home textiles (duvets, pillows, carpeting), automotive parts (carpets, sound insulation, boot linings, seat covers) and industrial end-use items (geotextiles and roof insulation), and new PET packaging and bottles for both food and non-food products. It is generally blended in a ratio of virgin to recycled, depending on the application required.

Our vision

To be the largest recycling plant in Pakistan where we can Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, every form of plastic, from recycled material to finished value added goods and make Pakistan environment friendly.

In our quest to create a cleaner and more sustainable Pakistan, we envision becoming the largest recycling plant in the country. Our mission is clear: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle – transforming all forms of plastic waste into recycled materials and finished, value-added goods. This ambitious initiative is not just a business endeavor; it’s a commitment to a greener, more environmentally responsible future.


Plastic Recycling

Our mission is to reduce plastic pollution

Collection and Sorting

Our state-of-the-art sorting facilities represent the pinnacle of innovation in the recycling industry. Meticulously designed and equipped with cutting-edge technology, these facilities play a pivotal role in our mission to reduce environmental impact. Plastics are not treated as a monolith; instead, our facilities categorize them with unparalleled precision based on their types. This meticulous sorting process lays the foundation for an efficient and effective recycling journey.

The diversity of plastics poses a challenge that we meet head-on with strategic sorting methodologies. From PET to HDPE and beyond, each plastic type is identified and segregated, ensuring that the subsequent stages of the recycling process are optimized for maximum effectiveness. By embracing this level of granularity in our sorting processes, we not only contribute to the reduction of plastic pollution but also pave the way for the creation of high-quality recycled materials.

Our Advanced
Recycling Process

Witness the alchemy of recycling as shredded plastic undergoes a meticulous melting and reforming process. This crucial stage transforms the material into pellets or other forms, ready for the creation of new, sustainable products. Elevating recycling standards, we employ advanced cleaning and shredding techniques

This crucial step not only removes contaminants but also reduces plastics into smaller, more manageable pieces, setting the stage for the subsequent transformative phases. Our cutting-edge sorting facilities categorize plastics based on type, ensuring a nuanced approach to the recycling process. Our journey begins with the meticulous collection of plastic waste from diverse sources.

Together, Let's Shape Tomorrow's Sustainability

Contact us today and let’s collaborate on turning plastic waste into a valuable resource


IT, Hardware & Software Solutions

Top hardware & software solutions provider

IT Hardware & Software Solutions

At our IT hardware company, we provide an extensive range of products and services, ensuring quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. As a dedicated IT hardware vendor, we procure top-tier IT hardware from renowned brands like HP, Dell, IBM, APC, and Fortinet. These products undergo rigorous quality assurance processes. You can access the most competitive rates for HP, Dell, IBM, APC, and Fortinet through us. Our team of highly skilled professionals is available around the clock to offer technical support for all our products.

Furthermore, we extend after-sales services such as installation and maintenance to guarantee a seamless customer experience. Rest assured that your purchase is supported by top-quality IT hardware and dependable after-sales service, all at the most favorable rates. Recognized as a trusted name in IT hardware supply and services, we invite you to explore our offerings when seeking exceptional products or services.

Get the Best
Hardware Solutions

Experience seamless operations and unparalleled speed with our range of high-performance hardware components. From processors to storage solutions, we bring you the best-in-class for optimized workflows.Trust is paramount in the digital realm. Our hardware solutions are engineered with a commitment to reliability, ensuring your systems operate consistently, even in the most demanding environments.

Stay ahead of the curve with hardware designed for tomorrow’s challenges. Our solutions are not just about meeting current needs but are also equipped to adapt and thrive in the ever-evolving technological landscape.

Explore Our Top-Tier Software Solutions

Our software solutions are engineered for optimal performance, ensuring that your digital operations run smoothly and efficiently. Experience the power of cutting-edge technology at your fingertips.User experience is at the forefront of our software development philosophy. Navigate through intuitive interfaces and enjoy software that aligns seamlessly with your workflow, enhancing productivity and user satisfaction.

Seamlessly integrate our software solutions into your existing infrastructure. Our commitment to compatibility ensures that our software enhances, rather than disrupts, your current systems.


LPG Distribution

we take pride in delivering reliable and efficient LPG distribution services

Residential LPG Delivery

At Sanak Pakistan we understand the heartbeat of your home lies in the kitchen, where cherished moments are created and shared over delicious meals. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our hassle-free LPG delivery services designed to provide a continuous and secure supply of cooking gas for your household.

We have streamlined our delivery process to make it as seamless as possible. Our well-coordinated team ensures that your LPG cylinders are delivered promptly, right to your doorstep.Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we employ proactive monitoring systems to anticipate your consumption patterns. This allows us to schedule deliveries just in time, preventing any inconvenience caused by unexpected shortages.

Safety & Reliability

Safety isn’t just a part of what we do; it’s at the core of our identity. We understand the responsibility that comes with delivering LPG to your home, and we take every measure to ensure that responsibility is met with the highest standards of safety and professionalism.

Counting on a consistent and timely supply of LPG is crucial for the seamless functioning of your home or business. At Sanak Pakistan we redefine reliability, offering more than just gas – we deliver peace of mind. With an acute understanding of the importance of punctuality, we are your steadfast partner in keeping your operations running smoothly.

Efficient Logistics

At Sanak Pakistan we redefine reliability, offering more than just gas – we deliver peace of mind. With an acute understanding of the importance of punctuality, we are your steadfast partner in keeping your operations running smoothly.

Our logistics professionals are adept at strategic route optimization, meticulously planning the most efficient paths for our delivery vehicles. By leveraging advanced mapping technologies and data analytics, we minimize travel time and fuel consumption, contributing to a more sustainable and cost-effective delivery process.

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